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We're inviting you to take a look behind the scenes of one of our very first projects. Having already worked in the industry for a combined total of 15 years prior to taking the leap into launching our own Studio, this project was our stepping stone into the industry. It had all the trials and tribulations that come with a full renovation, and additionally every triumph.

Read through the Q & A and let us know in the comments if you have any further questions.


Q Walk us through your creative process, how did you approach this project?

A Get to know your clients. We had a wonderful meeting at their existing house to get to know how they lived. Being a family of four, we wanted to make sure the new house catered to their needs. We planned a functional space first and then made it beautiful.

Q How involved were the clients? Would you say this was a very collaborative process? A Having done some renovations in their last house the clients already had a good sense of what they wanted and liked. This project was definitely a fun collaboration in making their visions come to life. Although they trusted my choices they definitely had a good sense of the final product.

Q How would you describe the overall aesthetics of the project? A I would definitely consider this to be a more transitional look. We kept the overall look more timeless but experimented with contemporary color schemes to give it a playful and modern vibe.

Custom two-tone kitchen designed by Studio Nine and manufactured by Jazzy Design, in Dorval, Quebec

Q What's the number one tip that you’d give someone who is going into a large renovation?

A Choose your trades people wisely and trust that they know best. They have the experience to handle all the possible hiccups in a major renovation. Overall this project went very well because of the amazing collaboration between the clients and trades people involved on this renovation.

Q Reflecting back, what did you take away from this project?

A Working with an amazing and organized team made all the difference. There was always an open line of communication between all the people involved. Also having your clients completely trust you made the whole process a lot easier.